Evolve Into Healing Mala Bracelet

$ 22.00

We all need some sort of healing along the way. The Evolve Into Healing Mala bracelet helps with just that. The green aventurine is a comforting and healing stone that provides energy, health and balance to your life. Excellent for the heart chakra.

Green Aventurine – A stone for comfort and balance. It clears, protects and activates the heart chakra. Known for it’s healing properties. Also known as a regenerative stone encouraging letting go of what no longer serves you, and stepping into a new way of life full of inspiration.

Rudraksha – Seeds of a divine nature that facilitate spiritual growth. Their healing qualities quiet the mind, increase clarity, and dissipate fear and stress, bringing peace and positive vibrations to the wearer. 

When wearing the rudraksha beads may you be inspired to live in unity from the one heart of consciousness with love and compassion.

The Evolve Into Healing Mala bracelet serves as a mindful reminder to align with choices that support health and well being for mind, body and spirit.

Suggested mantras for the Evolve Into Healing Mala:

Evolve into healing.

I am whole and healthy.

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