Co-Create Mala

$ 78.00

When we align with our true self, creative expression and originality is limitless. We are on a journey co-creating our reality. You are the designer of your life's blueprint. What are you going to create? The Co-Create Mala stimulates creativity and strengthens intuition.

Jasper pendants colors vary from earthy colors of green, red, brown and natural.

Jasper – The unique and varying beauty of jasper portrays nature’s artistry stimulating creativity to those who embrace the stone’s energy. Increases creativity and energy. Actualizes courage to attain personal goals. It is a grounding stone known to bring about harmony and balance.

Agate – Promotes inner stability and clarity. Increases inspiration from spiritual worlds. Encourages self-confidence and security. Balances mind, body and spirit. Also known to cleanse aura.

Leopard Skin – Strengthens intuition and stimulates creativity. Eases emotional stress and helps facilitate problem solving. Known to strengthen emotional connection to animals.

Rudraksha – Seeds of a divine nature that facilitate spiritual growth. Their healing qualities quiet the mind, increase clarity, and dissipate fear and stress, bringing peace and positive vibrations to the wearer. 

When wearing the rudraksha beads may you be inspired to live in unity from the one heart of consciousness with love and compassion.    

The Co-Create Mala reminds you that we have the power to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a mindful reminder that we must align with our heart and values and trust the timing of life. It encourages us to step into full expression of our creativity, and reminds us to cough up the courage to share our unique gifts and talents without reservation.

Suggested mantra for the Co-Create Mala:

I am creative in my life's expression.

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