Evolve Into Strength Mala Bracelet

$ 22.00

You got this. Find your strength within and stay strong. Life is full of twists and turns and moments that challenge us and don't make sense. This journey is an ever evolving process of growth and life lessons. Each challenge presents a new opportunity for growth and wisdom. We are all strong at our core and that is what we must remember. This lava bracelet reminds us of our inherent strength and inspires courage so we can make it through any situation and emerge a wiser, brighter and evolving soul.

Lava – A grounding stone that increases strength especially when faced with challenging situations. Encourages clarity.

Rudraksha – Seeds of a divine nature that facilitate spiritual growth. Their healing qualities quiet the mind, increase clarity, and dissipate fear and stress, bringing peace and positive vibrations to the wearer. 

When wearing the rudraksha beads may you be inspired to live in unity from the one heart of consciousness with love and compassion.

Wear the Evolve Into Strength Mala bracelet as a reminder to stay strong with whatever situation life presents - the good, the challenging and the moments that don't make sense.

Suggested mantras for the Evolve Into Strength Mala:

Evolve into strength.

I am strong at my core.

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