Evolve Into Love Mala Bracelet

$ 22.00

Love is the primary energy of existence. We are all born into this world from and with the essence of love. Along our journey we are conditioned to believe we are full of limitations, which hides our essential nature. We create habitual patterns that challenge and block our heart center, our true self, that is full and radiates love. The Evolve Into Love Mala helps each one of us to return to that essence, the true connection of love that we have forgotten and lost along the way. Envision it as a full circle return to love.

Turquoise - Turquoise is a stone of protection. Dispels negative energies and increases love. Good for those embarking on a new journey, literally and figuratively.

Rudraksha – Seeds of a divine nature that facilitate spiritual growth. Their healing qualities quiet the mind, increase clarity, and dissipate fear and stress, bringing peace and positive vibrations to the wearer. 

When wearing the rudraksha beads may you be inspired to live in unity from the one heart of consciousness with love and compassion.




Wear the Evolve Into Love mala bracelet as a mindful reminder to choose love in every moment you meet. To emit a loving vibration participating in a positive energy exchange, beginning with yourself, and rippling outward to others and nature. 

Suggested mantras for the Evolve Into Love mala:

Evolve into love.

Love is my true nature.

I will heal humainity, the earth and myself with love.

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